Sherborne Castle Country Fair - 31 May 2021

The Gundog Arena and Training Clinics 2020

Neil Varney of Twistmount Gundogs is proud to be at Sherborne Castle Country Fair again in 2020, offering two exciting and informative Gundog Demonstrations along with a number of Gundog Training Clinics for Show visitors.

Neil is an internationally recognised gundog trainer who writes for Shooting UK and regularly travels the country giving demonstrations, training sessions, seminars and judging. He has over 30 years' of experience with gundogs - training, competing, judging and writing about them.

Neil’s teams of highly trained spaniels and retrievers will be put through their paces in the demonstration arena (overlooking the Lake) at 11.30am, and again in the afternoon in the Main Ring, where Neil will show you how to harness the natural drive, instinct and enthusiasm of a puppy or a young working gundog and help them become an obedient and competent shooting companion.

Neil will also be running a series of Gundog Training Clinics for show visitors during the afternoon where he will be taking small groups of dogs for half an hour and addressing any training issues you may have with your own gundog - even offering scurry coaching if you want to improve your performance in the Scurries at the Fair.

The training clinics are bookable in advance by emailing There will also be a few slots available to book on the day. We ask for a donation of £5.00 per dog to raise a little extra for the charities that the Fair is supporting.

It is Neil's passion, so come and see his upbeat and light-hearted demo, before drawing on his experience in the clinic. Clinic timings are as follows:

Gundog Training Clinic Timings
11.30 am    Gundog demonstration

12.30 pm    Clinic for 5 dogs
1.00 pm      Clinic for 5 dogs
1.30 pm      Clinic for 5 dogs
2.00 pm      Clinic for 5 dogs
- 2.30pm.

To book your place in advance, please email