Sherborne Castle Country Fair - 25th May 2015

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The rare, minority, and native breeds show includes sheep, cattle, pigs and horses, with commentaries about the stock and their history. Sherborne Castle Country Fair offers a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn a little about a wide variety of our native Rare and Traditional Breeds of domestic farm livestock. Many of these breeds originated in relatively confined areas becoming specialised and adapted to their local environment. The names often represent the home of the breed, for example Portland Sheep, Berkshire Pigs, Belted Galloway Cattle, Suffolk Punch Horses and Dartmoor Ponies. Displays include sheep shearing, sheep dogs, working horses and a Grand Finale Parade.

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Horse and carriage - click for enlargementPig Young Handler - click for enlargementCattle Young Handler - click for enlargement
Cattle Young Handler - click for enlargementHeavy horse - click for enlargementRam - click for enlargement
Pig - click for enlargementJudging Sheep - click for enlargementShow Horse - click for enlargement
Pig - click for enlargementTethered Calf - click for enlargementRare Breed - click for enlargement
A Calf - click for enlargementHorse - click for enlargementFriendly Sheep - click for enlargement
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